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We are Brondal

We are a leading manufacturer and producer of superior CCA Treated Poles in South Africa, with the vision of sustainable process, treating capacity and marketing of 1,800m3 of quality treated poles per month.

Paharpur Natural Resources (Pty) Ltd is an international role-player in the sustainable management and stewardship of forest and forestry related enterprises, with its Head office based in Kolkata, India. The acquisition also included the purchase of the old Tritimco CCA Plant

The decision to take over and manage our own CCA Treating Plant was therefore a natural/logical progression, which will enable us to unlock greater potential from our natural resource base.

Our objectives

• The objective of Brondal Treated Timbers are to become the leading manufacturer and producer of superior CCA Treated Poles in South Africa.

• Unlocking and maximizing the value of raw fiber resources base, to grow treating capacity to sustainable process and market over 1,800m3 of quality treated poles per month.

• Solidifying our Brand within the marketing enviroment and becoming our customers CCA Treated Pole supplier of choice.

We are the timber experts
We are the timber experts

Keys to success

• Brondal Treated Timbers sources and supplies 100% sustainable raw material.

• Ownership of 4,500 ha of commercially viable Eucalyptus plantations in the Lowveld.

• Cost are kept to a minimum by the strategically placement of the plant through minimum expences of inbound and outbound commodities.

• The location of the plant allows us to sell finished products if/when inclement weather conditions do not allow our competitors to transport their commodities.

• The organization team has years of experience in logistics, forestry, marketing and business management.

Brondal Treated Timbers Plant Brondal Treated Timbers Plant
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Company location and facilities

PNR's head office & based in Kolkata, India. The property on which the CCA Plant is located is solely owned by PNR and there is thus no risk of having to move or relocate the business. The plant itself is located on the corner of the White River/Old Lydenburg Road

GPS Co-Ordinates: S25 21.229 E30 50.931

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Our sustainable Eucalyptus plantations

In 2010, Paharpur Natural Resources (PNR) successfully purchased seven (7) Forest Management Units (FMU's) in and around the lowveld region of Mpumalanga. PNR independently owns in excess of 4,500 ha of commercially viable and sustainable Eucalyptus plantations in the Lowveld. The acquisition also included the purchase of the old Tritimco CCA Plant/Site and the Brandal Mining Timber mill

Our seven FMU's are ideally located to cost effectively and sustainably supply our CCA Plant with well over 1,80Qm3 of timber per month. Our Forestry Division will sustainability clear fell 4,50Qm3 of timber per month, ensuring that there will in fact always be adequate of Building & Fencing material to feed the Plant. Furthermore, the Forestry Division has taken a strategic decision to Clear-fell its compartments at seven (7) years of age. This ensures that in excess of 40% of our total monthly harvest will fall within the standard Building & Fencing specifications.

Our Products

Supplying you with all of your CCA Treated Timber needs

Brondal Building and Fencing Poles

Building & Fencing Poles

Building poles are an essential part of the construction world, whether for supporting cables, building or landscaping. We can supply building poles in varying grades, lengths and diameters, depending on what the market requires.

Vineyard and Fruit Trelling

Vineyard & Fruit Trellising

Wooden Vineyard posts or vineyard poles are locally known as wooden poles in the agricultural industry. They are used in the cultivation and growth of grapes which are used for the production of wine.

Certification & Our planet

We take our commitment to quality and the environment seriously.


We are SABS approved

We are fully accredited at the necessary governing bodies to ensure a safe working environment for our staff and to provide a quality product to our clients

All our products are produced according to the SANS457 spec which may include gangnailing, drilling, pole-caps, labelling & colour coding

We source reliably

We source responsibly

We make sure we source all our products responsibly to have as little impact on the planet and the environment as possible.

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