The Brondal way

Our sustainable process

We invested a lot of our time to not only perfect our process but to make sure we adhere to the strictest quality standards for the best product possible. Herewith a brief overview of our CCA treated timber process.

Step 1 - Sourcing of Materials

Sourcing of materials


Owning more than 4,500 ha of commercially viable Eucalyptus plantations allows us to source only the best in raw materials. We only source the amount of product required, no more, no less.

Step 2 - Receiving and unload

Receiving and unload

Arrive at plant

Once the lumber cargo arrives at our processing plant do we conduct a full inspection to make sure the correct load and quantity matches our clients criteria. Only then do we start unloading.

Step 3 - Grading & quality check

Grading & quality check

Grade poles

At Brondal we take quality very seriously. That is why we perform various grading and classification checks before we continue. If the product does not meet our high standards we start again.

Brondal Treated Timbers Dryer Brondal Treated Timbers Dryer
Step 5 - Moisture Evaluation

Moisture Evaluation


The reason for this is that the moisture in the air (humidity) maintains a certain level of moisture in the wood. The moisture present in freshly sawn timber, straight from the log, is much higher and as a consequence of this, the air absorbs moisture from green timber until a balance is achieved.

Step 6 - Customisation


Adding Value

During this step will we proceed to machine drill, cut and customise the product as set our by our clients requirements.

Step 7 - Treatment


Making it last

During the treatment process do we treat the product with Chromated copper arsenate and other chemicals to preserve the product. This is a crucial step in the process.

Step 8 - Final inspection

Final inspection

Final inspection

Before we ship any product do we make sure that the product adheres to our and the industries strict compliance and quality control requirements.

Step 9 - Distribution


Your product is on it's way

After our product has the Brondal seal of approval will we start loading the exact product load and ship it to our client nationally or internationally

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Our Products

Supplying you with all of your CCA Treated Timber needs

Brondal Building and Fencing Poles

Building & Fencing Poles

Building poles are an essential part of the construction world, whether for supporting cables, building or landscaping. We can supply building poles in varying grades, lengths and diameters, depending on what the market requires.

Vineyard and Fruit Trelling

Vineyard & Fruit Trellising

Wooden Vineyard posts or vineyard poles are locally known as wooden poles in the agricultural industry. They are used in the cultivation and growth of grapes which are used for the production of wine.